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"The hyper-virtuosic and expressive solo part must surely be one of the most difficult ever written for this instrument and the Swedish star-oboist Helen Jahren gave an absolutely breathtaking interpretation of her part, artistically as well as physically."
(Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland)

"… the oboist Helen Jahren had a resounding success. Here there was absolutely nothing more to wish for - not in the technical performance, not in the tone quality and not in the intensity of the interpretation which was marked by strong inner feeling. With her exemplary phrasing, her creative imagination, her inspirational expressiveness and her sympathetic appearance, she took the audience by storm."
(Der Bund, Switzerland)

"… written for the phenomenal Swedish oboist Helen Jahren. She played with a rare technical command and a wealth of colour. It's clear when one listens to her records why she has become such a popular soloist."
(Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden)

"The oboist Helen Jahren is a phenomenally proficient interpreter, whose cantabile playing makes even the humblest tune seem profound."
(Turun Sanomat, Finland)

"The Swedish oboist Helen Jahren was a marvellous soloist in Vaughan Williams' uninhibitedly idyllic oboe concerto. Her broad, noble sound has a considerable capacity for expansion and she moulds intensively singing in grandly vaulted arches with artistic nerve"
(Politiken, Denmark)

"Jahren played the Martinu concerto truly excellently and with absolute conviction as well as unusual lightness and naturalness. Her interpretation was characterized by its subtlety, richness of nuance, formal logic and faultless command of technique. Not a trace of breathing difficulties (so common with others)...it is hard to believe that such playing is possible."
(Sztandar Ludu, Poland)

"… and the splendid Helen Jahren, whose rich, supple and limpid playing went straight to the hearts of the audience."
(La République, France)

"Jahren is a fine instrumentalist. She has a very beautiful sound, her technique is dazzling and her playing is always musical and convincing. Helen Jahren is a First Class oboe player."
(Morgunbladid, Iceland)

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